Some of Our Latest Jobs

Günter Grass (Nobel prize) Expo

Inauguration of LST (Large Sized Telescope) on the Roque de Los Muchachos

Photoshoot Bever ,Holland, January 2018

Green Olive Films, April 2017

Dutch programme “Best friends”, October 2016

France 3 programme “Thalassa”, November 2015

“How to meet a mermaid”. Part of a movie/documentary for Dutch cinema by Zeppers Film, April 2015, La Palma.

”Schone Handen” part of a Dutch cinema film from “Schone Handen Film Productie. Filmed in La Palma, February 2015”

Commercial for Schott Gemany with 7 Island Film production from Gran Canaria. La Palma December 2014.

“Woman raised by monkeys”, from Blink Films, UK Filmed in la Palma July 2013.

Ad for Audi UK. Production company Vertical Productions, UK. Audi 5 and Audi 7. January 2013

Programme: Food unwrapped, series 2 “Cochineal”, on Lanzarote, for Ricochet productions December 2012

Could we survive a Mega Tsunami? For BBC2, La Palma, Tenerife and Gran Canaria September 2012

Neanderthal docu-drama for PBS/NOVA, producer: Arrow Media, La Palma May 2012

Commercial for Canon Europe on Youtube, Gran Canaria, January 2012

Bear Grylls shoot La Palma, November 2011, “A wild weekend with Bear Grylls” with UK presenter Jonathan Ross, producer Dragonfly, UK

BBC ”Wonders of the Universe”, Tenerife, Teide, January 2011

National Geographic, La Palma, August 2010

Norwegian TV, December 2009, Fuerteventura

Shoot for France 3 “C’est pas sorcier”, La Palma, April 2009

Documentary on Charles Darwin, Atlantis Films Berlin. La Palma. September 2008

Primeval II on Fuerteventura, July 2007

BBC “Ten things you did not know about Tsunami’s”, La Palma, December 2006

Shoot Lonely Planet, La Palma October 2006

Documentary on illegal immigration for Dateline, SBS, Australia

Dream Travel from the Netherlands. Dec 2005, La Palma. March 2006, Lanzarote. May 2006, Tenerife.

Primeval I, by Impossible Pictures, April 2006. La Palma

“Walking with Monsters” from Impossible Pictures, June 2004, Gran Canaria and Fuerteventura

Shoot “Dragons” for Darlow Smithson, La Palma, April 2004

Commercial for BenQ computers, with 24-6 Tenerife, La Palma 2003