ProViScout planetary rover testing on the foot of Mt Teide, Tenerife September 2012.

ProViScout stands for Planetary Robotics Vision Scout, and implies field testing of a planetary rover and its instruments in a Mars-like area like the Minas de San Jose on the foot of Mount Teide National Park, in Tenerife. In this project a number of institutes and universities of 7 different countries participated. Active Connect SL supplied the local support and logistics for this event.

Christmas Encounter of Tall Ships in Santa Cruz de La Palma

A repeating event, each year at Christmas. Tall Ship Services

Other events:

PRoVisG Mars rover testing, for Astrium Ltd, UK, September 2011 Mt Teide, Tenerife

ESA’s Lunar Robotic Challenge Event, October 2008, Mt Teide, Tenerife

(European Space Agency), October 2008, Foot of Mt Teide on Tenerife. A competition of 8 European universities to construct a moon rover. The testing was done on the foot of Mt Teide on Tenerife, in a spot called Minas de San José, in harsh night conditions. The area resembled a lunar crater. Active Connect SL supplied the complete logistics for this event, including all permits, health and safety.

Inaugurations of Telescopes

Observatory Roque De Los Muchachos: MAGIC I and Mercator (10 October 2003) MAGIC II (25 April 2009) Mercator MAGIC
Inauguration of LST (Large Sized Telescope) on the Roque de Los Muchachos, for IAC, Max Planck Institute, Munich, and University of Tokyo. Local organisation and coordination. October 2018.

Markets and Exhibitions

Active Connect organizes local handicraft and flea markets and art or thematic exhibitions on request. 15 years experience of which 10 year of organizing the local Mercadillo (market) for the town of Santa Cruz de La Palma.
H.R.H. Prince Willem-Alexander of The Netherlands on a visit to The Roque de Los Muchachos Observatory.
May 2019 Günter Grass (Nobel prize) Expo in Santa Cruz de La Palma. Coordinator of foreign contacts for this exhibition.

VIP visits

Helmut Schmidt (German Chancellor) 1992 H.R.H. Willem van Oranje, Crown Prince of the Netherlands 1997 Press attendance during visit of H.R.H. Juan Carlos, King of Spain 1996 Several E.U. commissions in the last 12 years

Incentive and company groups, special celebrations or parties

Organize something very special for your party of business associates, like a trip to La Palma El Hierro or La Gomera, the lesser known Canaries. We make sure all the details are taken care of. We work with local travel agencies for hotel bookings and flights, but all the finer details are in our hands. Private planes, helicopters, boats, special trips, theme hikes or special meals – you name it, we organize it. And your private birthday party or celebration needs jazzing up? Call us with your wishes. We organize everything from simple restaurants with special attention and music, catering, to way-out trips in helicopters, private planes or boats.