25 years’ experience in fixing, location scouting, and productions services for, film, TV, documentaries, drama, commercials and print media.


  • Locations. Extensive file of the best locations in the Canaries. Specific locations scouting available on request.
  • Complete logistics and organization
  • Production management, fixing and site management.
  • Local permits and authorization (National Parks, Environmental Authorities, protected areas, Observatory, etc)
  • Transport organization: cars, jeeps, trucks, small planes, helicopters, boats, etc.
  • Translations (Spanish, English, German, Dutch, French)
  • Interview skills
  • Safety
  • Casting
  • Catering

Why the Canary Islands?

  • Stunning, diverse and unique landscapes from volcanoes to wild coastal areas, dramatic mountains and ravines, dense jungle, caves, small streams and picturesque villages.
  • Exclusive, unspoilt and undiscovered locations, especially on the smaller islands.
  • Many locations comparable to more remote, countries such as North and South Africa, Middle East, New Zealand, Asia and South America.
  • Good infrastructure, excellent accessibility, good accommodation and transport, also between the islands.
  • Active Connect has built up excellent local contacts over the years, so relatively easy and quick to organize permits.
  • All material and equipment available on the islands.
  • Competitive rates and personal service.